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Using a dual monitor setup with Excel 2007 and Vista

   Posted by: Dante    in General

If you have a dual monitor setup and wish to open 2 spreadsheets, simultaneously, one on each monitor, it’s not straightforward. Excel likes to open everything under one application window. There’s 2 approaches for this:

  1. Restore the application window, then manually resize it to occupy both monitors, but DO NOT maximize it as it will go back to one monitor only. Then open up the spreadsheets and put them side-by-side.
  2. This is the cleaner approach. You can open one spreadsheet first, maximize it to one monitor, then go to the Start Menu and hold SHIFT while clicking the Excel shortcut. This will call a second instance of the application, and you can maximize it to the second monitor. Then manually open the file.

The first approach has a nice feature attached to it which is the possibility of scroll-locking between spreadsheets, so if you’re comparing/editing data in two similar spreadsheets, makes it a bit easier.

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