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Today I’ve decided to give OpenSolaris a spin, and to my surprise, it doesn’t have the SmartArray drivers available by default. Took some considerable amount of research to come up with a procedure to do the install. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the SmartArray drivers for Solaris on the HP website (at the time of writing, I installed OpenSolaris 2009.06 and used drivers for Solaris 10)
  2. Uncompress the package with gunzip.
  3. Inside the newly uncompressed folder, there will be a file called CPQary3.pkg. First run pfexec touch /ADD_DRV_IGNORE_ROOT_BASEDIR then run pfexec pkgadd -d ./CPQary3.pkg in the folder with the uncompressed files. There will be some errors installing the man page, but those should be ignored. The driver will be successfully installed.
  4. Run the Device Driver Utility. Right click the Smart Array controller, go to Show Details. Make note of the node name of the controller, which was pcie11,409a in my case.
  5. Run pfexec add_drv -c scsi -i ‘”pcie11,409a”‘ cpqary3 while substituting it for the correct node name in your case. It shouldn’t give any errors. Please note that the node name has a single quote followed by a double quote.
  6. Run the OpenSolaris Installer, and it should detect your arrays.

Overall it’s an easy process, and it amazes me that the default image does not include this driver. Good luck with the install. Questions are welcome in the comment area.

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